Perelli Productions

Here's how it works:
​* I visit you for a free consultation on your business.
* Then together we design a "look" and "feel" for your new website

based on your type of business and personal tastes.

* We will take pictures and/or video to use on your web site (which I will 
edit, using professional software), to amplify your presentation for the most attention!
* You will tell me all about your business to give me insight for writing good text and content on your pages (great for SEO and promoting on social media).

Once we've chosen your domain name and loaded up your site, Perelli Productions will work the magic that others don't (or can't) offer..... 

* All my sites are search engine friendly, and I will submit your domain to all major search engines.
* I will spend up to two hours a week to update and maintain your site with new info (prices, events, sales, etc), while also providing you with monthly traffic reports, so you can see how we're doing...
* Perelli Productions will build you your own Facebook page to integrate into your web site and to use (weekly) for social media events and updates.
​    * This includes custom "Event" announcements
​    * "Sharing" your business info with various groups to promote brand awareness
    * Weekly posts to promote you and your business.

Perelli Productions pays for your monthly hosting of your site, and includes all the perks mentioned above. You pay only for your actual (yearly) domain name fee (usually under $15/yr, but then YOU own it), and our service  fee for everything else is only $100/month, with a 12 month contract. Go ahead and compare. You'll see that most companies want to charge at LEAST $150/a month for less personalized service PLUS hosting fees.

I am seeking a very limited number of clients (12 or less). I have no intention of creating a "bigger" business. I am a boutique business (one man, home based operation, no overhead) and I am more concerned with "who" I am working with than how many clients I can get.
​I work to live. Not live to work..... and I always treat others as I would like to be treated!

This is a rare opportunity to score a provider of services (me), that is willing to work closely with you and not "bleed" your budget... while still getting first class experience, quality, and service!

​I have a long resume that verifies my skill set