Dino Perelli

Vocalist, Musician, Host, Actor, 
Residing In: Central Florida
EMAIL: dinoperelli@gmail.com

Frank Sinatra,      Dean Martin,      The Platters,      Everly Bros,      Righteous Bros,    Blues Bros,  Aerosmith,      Dion,      Bob Dylan,    

Bad Company,     Beach Boys,    Beatles,      

David Bowie,      Monkees,      Neil Diamond,    Elvis,      Green Day,      Maroon 5,    Doors,      Rolling Stones,      Z.Z. Top,      The Cars,     Billy Joel,     Elton John,     Eagles,    Brooks & Dunn,      Hank Williams,  

REO Speedwagon,   Journey,      Styx,   Toby Keith,     Garth Brooks,     Credence Clearwater,  Joe Cocker,  Chicago,  Tower of Power,    Huey Lewis,    

Stevie Wonder,  Stone Temple Pilots,           
Bon Jovi,      Bruce Springsteen,      Rod Stewart,     Jimmy Buffet,      Queen,     Stevie Ray Vaughn,   Santana,  Steely Dan,                                   
and many, many more!

Dino is one the most versatile acts around! Whether you prefer Oldies & Standards, Country, Classic Rock, or Blues, Dino has a songlist of over 1,000 songs to accommodate your clientele. Below are a couple audio demos of two original songs by Dino, and a short clip of "Oldies" demos. The longer video was Dino's "Bob Seger Tribute" band from Las Vegas. Dino has had numerous residencies over the years:
​"Skinny Dugans" - Las Vegas 1979 - 1981
"Nevada Palace" - Las Vegas 1983 -1984

"Longhorn Casino" - Las Vegas 1991 - 2003
"El Jacalitos" - Texas 2003 - 2013
"Longhorn Casino" - Las Vegas 2014 - 2016
Check the "Bio" link for more info on Dino's history & discography.