Hi, my name is Dino Perelli

I have been in the music business all my life. As an artist, I have had to do most of my own promotion over the years, including building websites for myself. I built my first website in 1998. Along the way I have learned a lot of "tips & tricks" about the Internet and how to promote yourself (or your business), without spending a lot of money.

Although I am still a working musician, I only play part time now. This has given me a lot of free time to 
pursue a small (one man) business, so I have decided to use my computer talents and marketing skills to help a small, select group of clients that need some Internet help. These days, without an easy to navigate web site and social media promotions, you're just not getting known!

‚ÄčI am a complete turnkey solution for your internet and promotional needs, from designing and building your site, to writing copy that lends itself well to SEO (search engine optimization), to posting social media ads and specials, to shooting and editing photos and web video for your web site (or even for TV).

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